Welcome to my creative portfolio, encased in this swirling, digital ether. An ever-growing electronic catalog, it is home to what I would like to believe is a very expansive, unusual, and eclectic body of work. A culmination of digital and traditional art, original music, and the written word. It is more than just an online portfolio - it is my heart and my mind gathered like so many wispy strands pulled from the air and held together with zeros and ones.


I come from a traditional arts background and I carry those classic tools into this seemingly more sophisticated era of creation. This has helped me daily in my commercial work as well as in my personal creative endeavors. I often use these old school tools, techniques, and understandings to create more realistic and visually appealing finished pieces of work. At least, that is my intent.


I sincerely hope you enjoy the work.


Portfolio Teaser

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