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I am a creative with a multifaceted background. I have worked in multimedia, web, publishing, animation, advertising, production, and even in binderies, print houses, and pre-press dark rooms. My knowledge base andskill set are a combination of technical savvy with creative thinking, problem solving, and masterful execution. I have high levels of proficiency in the use of many software packages, utilizing everything at my disposal to get the look and feel I need for any given project. I always keep myself up to date with current versions of software that I am familiar with and I am willing to learn new packages to help facilitate the production of the work at hand.



May, 2008 - Present – Freelance – Multimedia Creative

As a Creative for various projects with technology companies, advertising agencies, and design firms, I work across several disciplines including Illustration; Animation; Motion Design; Particle and Special FX Creation; 3D Illustration and Animation; Sound Design (which includes composing musical scores and sound FX creation); Audio Engineering/Editing; Video Production/Editing; creating interfaces and content for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and desktop apps (interfaces, animations, visuals, sound fx, music); creating online virtual goods for a broad range of clients; magazine cover illustration; logo creation and treatment; digital matte painting; Flash animation (including basic ActionScript 3); web design; general design; image retouching; color correction; tutorial CD-ROMs, sales and marketing visuals for pitches; layout; studio production; corporate identity creation; and t-shirt design. I play a very active role in every aspect of development from brainstorming through final creation. I am incredibly creative and diverse in the scope of my work style and approaches. I use a very wide variety of tools (please see list below under Software Skills).


2002 - 2008 – Digitas, Boston, MA – Digital Illustrator/Retoucher/Production/Design

Advertising agency creative services, special FX, illustration and production for the in-house Studio. Worked with Creative Directors, Art Directors and Production Managers in building high-resolution finished art. This included illustration, collaging, logo treatment, texture creation, motion effects, image/color retouching, cloning, channel mixing, generating land, sea, and skyscapes, billboard art creation, ad banners, 3D illustration, animation, troubleshooting files and executing concepts as well as preparing projects for prepress and web publication.


I was regularly involved with Creative Directors, Art Directors, Designers, Web Designers, Printers, and Prepress Technicians to ensure quality of our output. Projects ran the gamut of direct mail, magazine ads, billboard ads, event media, multimedia CD/DVDs, web site/banner design, and brochures - all for the following clientele: Gillette, Proctor & Gamble, Saab, Pontiac, Vibe, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Hummer, Oldsmobile, GM, GMC, GMC Truck Division, OnStar, XM Radio, Delta, U Promise, Daytona, AT&T, FedEx, Fidelity Investments, Celebrity Cruise Lines, Six Continents, International Hotel Group, Pie In The Sky, AARP, and Digitas in-house work.


1996 - 1997 – Parker Brothers/Hasbro, Beverly, MA – Digital Illustrator

I was responsible for composing game graphics, including covers, game boards, printed playing pieces/cards, and logos; adding special effects, such as motion of game parts and glows; and performing color corrections, photo retouching, in-house scans, digital manipulation, pre-flighting, 3D modeling/rendering, 2D/3D animation, rotoscoping, layout, illustration, design, presentation graphics, video captures, and CD burning. I regularly participated in marketing/sales meetings, brainstorming/game development, and team building. I performed press checks, and assisted in direction of many photo shoots of products and models. I also trained members of the Creative Development Team in the latest software, technology, and digital techniques.


Software Skills

PhotoShop, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Color, SoundTrack Pro, LiveType, Illustrator, Flash, ActionScript 3 (basic), InDesign, Quark, Digital Performer, MetaSynth, Acrobat, Bryce, Poser, Painter, Vue, Modo, Cinema 4D, Carrara Pro, Swift 3D, DVD Studio Pro, Aperture, Adobe Media Encoder, After Effects, and many other software packages.


Freelance Client List

3COM, The American Cancer Society, Analog Devices, Apple, Arnold Worldwide, Audrey & Emma, Babson College, Benchmarking Partners, Boston Public Schools, Boston Technology, Bruce Medical, Chanel, Compliance Engineering, Digitas, Elicott Design, Etex, FedEx, Hasbro Interactive, Holland Mark Martin Edmund, Honeywell, Lucita, Michaura, Molecular Nutrition, Nextera, Parker Brothers, Partners and Simons, Prevision Marketing, Rockport, Rue La La, Scitex, SkyWorld, Strategic Interactive Group, Symmetrix, Tank Design, Wacom, Watts, Wellesley College Center for Women, Wine Tracks Magazine, WineWorld Media, and Xionics.



Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, Massachusetts – Continuing Education

Advanced Final Cut Pro, Introduction to Video Production, Photographic Lighting, Beyond The Studio, Flash, Intermediate Flash, ActionScript for Designers, Advanced Photoshop, Elements of Design, Color Theory, and Digital Editing with QuickTime for Adobe Premiere.


Affiliations and Shows

Member of ASCAP

Member of NAPP

Fillmore Jazz Festival, San Francisco, CA: Contributing Artist

North Beach Festival, San Francisco, CA: Contributing Artist

Harvest Festival, San Mateo, CA: Contributing Artist

Harvest Festival, Del Mar, CA: Contributing Artist

Harvest Festival, Ventura, CA: Contributing Artist

Heavenly Village Art Fair, Lake Tahoe, CA: Contributing Artist

The Art Connection, Boston, MA: Contributing Artist

Chanel: Portrait Artist

Lumen Eclipse, Cambridge, MA: Contributing Artist

FlashForward Film Festival, San Francisco, CA: Contributing Artist

Beantown Jazz Festival, Boston, MA: Contributing Artist

Gloucester Art Fair, Gloucester, MA: Contributing Artist

CAN-DO: Contributing Artist

Visions Gallery, Medway, MA: Contributing Artist

Beacon Hill Art Walk, Boston, MA: Award Winning Contributing Artist

American Cancer Society, Stoneham, MA Chapter: Contributing Board Member/Fundraiser

SoWa Art Show, Boston, MA: Contributing Artist

Wacom, Macworld: Demo Artist

Reading Depot Art Show, Reading, MA: Contributing Artist

Founder of Boston-based bands: Infinity Machine, Foundation, and the Rize. Writer, Musician, Producer, Engineer.

Founder of California Bay Area-based band: Burning Ships. Writer, Musician, Producer, Engineer, Mastering Engineer.


Traditional Skills

Fine Art and Illustration (oil painting, acrylic, watercolor, faux marbling, airbrush, and pen and ink), mixed media, pasteup, comping and making dummies, stripping, stat camera, step and repeat camera, darkroom special effects (screens, film/paper, filters), and photography.




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